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Dr. Dean

You know, now that he has an election under his belt as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee; and he has demonstrated his ability to raise money nationwide; and he has proven himself a winner on a national stage; I think there is one logical next step for him if he gets tired of the sniping and bitching going on in the Party – retain his position as the head of the Party by running for President.

Now he has name recognition and the basis for a nationwide organization, which he was lacking in 2004. He has retained his support on the ‘Net and knows the people who he would be running against.

As for the “scream”, he should request that the media use qualified technical people who know how to accurately cover a political event, and not present the feed off a single, noise-canceling microphone as representative of reality…or he could say, that he gets worked up when he’s right.

Something to think about.


1 Jack K. { 11.11.06 at 9:30 pm }

…or he could keep repeating to himself “don’t scream…don’t scream…don’t scream”. In any case, I was sort of partial to Dean in 2004 and I haven’t seen anybody crowding the starting line for 2008 who suggests that he or she would be a better candidate. Dean has a track record as a successful manager of a governmental entity and most of the ‘prominent’ names don’t have much to offer other than 12 years or less of fruitless effort as minority legislators. Al Gore probably isn’t interested, and in any case both he and John Kerry are reliable models for solving the equation “should a past national candidate run again after losing”. Joe Biden….well, please, Dear Lord, spare me this abomination. Hillary Clinton is the sort of gift that would single-handedly rejuvinate Karl Rove’s career, John Edwards has too little storyline to offset that ‘rich ambulance-chasing lawyer’ tag, and the rest of the list is too light to make the team unless they want to emulate Jimmy Carter and start living in New Hampshire and Iowa right now…

2 oldwhitelady { 11.11.06 at 9:56 pm }

Now, what a fine idea! We need to get that thought floating around the Interenets. Let’s see, it would piss the hell out of the Rightwinger Repubs, because they hate him almost as much as they hate Bill Clinton and John Kerry.

3 Bryan { 11.11.06 at 10:47 pm }

As you say, Jack, he was a governor, and is now the chief executive of a national organization – he has the right kind of experience. Wes Clark and Al Gore are the only other “names” with real executive experience. I wish Edwards could get a position that would provide him with that kind of experience, because I like him, but he just doesn’t have it. JFK was the last Senator elected President. Since then it has been former VPs and governors.

OWL, I’m fairly certain people are starting to think about it. The DC Dems are shooting themselves and their clients in the foot by giving the Doctor a reason to leave his post.

4 Ruminate This » You Tell ‘Em, Jack! { 11.12.06 at 11:48 am }

[…] Jack K lets loose on James Carville’s latest idiot idea… …I first stumbled on this story over at Bryan’s Why Now?, and I’m not sure that I’m yet sufficiently emotionally stabilized to deal with this nonsense. Howard Dean put Democrats back in the Majority, not Emanual or Schumer or the DLC or any of the other “cherry-picking” gang. Yes, it’s true that there are the Heath Schuler’s and James Webb’s and such that look like DLC types, but if it weren’t for Dean’s 50-state strategy we would only be looking at a larger number of members in the Democratic minority caucus in the House and Senate… […]

5 Karen { 11.12.06 at 3:14 pm }

I’m personally a fan of Russ Feingold. Bill Maher asked his Friday panel who would be their *Dream Candidate for 08*

It was all Hillary v McCain (Blech!)

For my Dream Team 2008 would be Russ Feingold! He’s smart, ran the Progessive Patriots Democratic fund raising for contributions for candidates in various races AND he was the only Senator brave enough to call for the Censure of George Bush on the floor! He’d be my number 1 pick for 2008 if wishes were horses and we’d all be riding.


6 Bryan { 11.12.06 at 3:43 pm }

Russ just said he isn’t running this time. I’m Clark, Dean, Gore, Edwards compatible. The General gets things done and doesn’t take any garbage if you tick him off.

Mrs. Clinton has been a great Senator, but there she is most effective. Mrs. Pelosi has more executive experience and has been more a effective leader, but I don’t think she wants to run [too much common sense].

McCain lost his spine after 2000. I don’t know what he thinks he’s bought with his embracing, literally, of the Shrubbery, but he should look at Katherine Harris. That’s what they do to their supporters. She has always been crazy, but even if you are paranoid it doesn’t mean there’s no one out to get you.

7 Steve Bates { 11.12.06 at 7:32 pm }

McCain lost his spine after 2000. I don’t know what he thinks he’s bought with his embracing, literally, of the Shrubbery, but he should look at Katherine Harris.

… but not embrace her. That might hurt!

Bryan, your list and mine are pretty much the same. Years ago I put my name on the President Boxer blog, but face it, that ain’t gonna happen. Neither is Feingold. According to Al-Muhajabah, who is a Clark supporter, Clark did a whole lot of campaigning for Democratic candidates this year; i.e., he’s paying his dues. If he’s going to run in 2008, though, he’d better get himself in the news… in a positive way, of course… very, very soon. The ’08 campaign began Wednesday.

8 Bryan { 11.12.06 at 8:57 pm }

Dean will honor his word and not run if these idiots don’t give him a hard time. Gore has what it takes to do a great job, but he may be tired of the crap. The General has been making a lot of campaign appearances with candidates, so I think he wants it. Edwards is a great campaigner, all he needs is a resume item to prove he can lead.

Boxer just doesn’t feel the fire to put up with the garbage. Clinton has done too much triangulation, which I think is Bill’s influence, but times have changed, as have politics.