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Thank You, You Miserable @$#&*%^

Just what the families of the National Guard wanted to hear in Veterans Day: More National Guard units may get second tours in Iraq.

Because they participated in the initial invasion, it looks like the 30th Infantry Brigade from North Carolina, the 39th Infantry Brigade from Arkansas, the 53rd Infantry Brigade from Florida and the 76th Infantry Brigade from Indiana may get sent back to “the sandbox.”

Just another broken promise to veterans.

Who can afford to keep these guys on their payroll, if every three years they leave for over a year? How can anyone expect the Guard to maintain their numbers, when people get screwed around like this? How are governors who depend on the Guard for natural disasters supposed to plan when the Federal government keeps taking their manpower and equipment?

There should have been an expansion of military manpower after 9/11, but they depended on their own delusions instead of reality.