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I Didn’t Inhale…

From CNN: Evangelical leader says he bought meth but ‘never used it’

The Rev. Ted Haggard, who resigned as one of the nation’s top evangelical leaders, admitted Friday he had contacted male prostitute Mike Jones for a massage and bought drugs from him.

Haggard said he never had sex with Jones and never used the methamphetamine drug he bought.

He was one of a group of religious leaders who regularly participated in conference calls with White House aides.

Haggard told reporters earlier this week that he did not know Jones, who claims to have had a three-year sex-for-money relationship with the pastor.

Yeah, right, except in the state of Colorado possession of methamphetamine is a felony, so there goes his voter’s ID card [in several states, including Florida] and NRA membership card [convicted felons can’t have guns].

Colorado has a problem with meth labs, so Rev Ted shouldn’t expect a free ride on that one.

I have a feeling that there are quite a few certified massage therapists in the Denver phone book, and I have seen nothing about Mike Jones being one of them.

Rev Ted needs to get up in front of the flock and testify. He needs to cleanse his soul and bear witness to the forgiveness. Jimmy Swaggart can help him with the process, or sell him a tape of his apology. Oh, he shouldn’t forget to have the choir sing Amazing Grace, it’s a tradition at these services.