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Voting Problems

CBS reports: Reports Of Problems Pepper Election Day

But voting equipment companies said they hadn’t seen anything beyond the norm and blamed the problems largely on human error.

Excuse me, but the high school kids at fast food restaurants generally get your order right with their computer terminals, so why isn’t your user interface simple enough for almost anyone to use?

If you can’t devise a system to make selections from a menu and record those selections without an IT tech standing by, you really need to find another market.

When dozens of the systems fail in the same way, you have obviously not produced a competent product.

For human error you can look to CNN: “I sure hope my vote counts,” says OH congresswoman, Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt.

The main reason those scanners reject a ballot is over-voting, marking too many candidates in the same race.

The new voter ID laws lead to this: Don’t Leave Home Without It – South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford had to go to an election office and get a replacement voter registration card, because he arrived at the polls without his, and they wouldn’t let him vote. There’s no room for common sense in the rules.


1 Frank Chiappetta { 11.07.06 at 3:30 pm }

I voted in Connecticut on 50 year old lever machines and although one machine was not in use the other four appeared to work just fine. Perhaps the old technology wasn’t as bad as we thought!

2 Bryan { 11.07.06 at 5:32 pm }

I used those in Rochester, NY in the 1970s, and there was never a problem. You could take the same “interface”, replace the mechanical parts with electronics, and have a working model for a computer voting machine. When you opened the curtain, you knew you had voted.