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Say Good Night, George

Lame Duck

A big thanks to the Shrubbery and his political genius for delaying the one thing that might have saved the Senate for the Republican Party, the resignation of Rumsfeld, until after the election. I’m sure that there are a few Republican Senators who will show their own version of “gratitude” during the lame duck session.

The only thing the Congress really has to do every year is pass a budget by 1 October, so it should surprise no one that they still haven’t bothered to do it. One would hope that the myth of efficiency in one party rule has been buried.

It would seem that just to prove that “bipartisanship” was only a passing fancy, the Shrubbery is attempting to get John Bolton, Robert Gates, and the “tap any phone I feel like” measures through Congress during the dying 109th Congress. I hope the Republicans have figured out that you can be a Republican without being a Bushevik, because the Busheviki don’t really care about the Republican Party.

The few of you who were amused by the fact that Burns and Allen were the last two Senate elections to be settled will appreciate “Say good night, George.”

[Note: outline of the graphic courtesy SillyBill.com, the additional political variations are my fault.]