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Marking Time — Why Now?
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Marking Time

Well, I went out last night because of the promise of the Leonid meteor shower, and while the sky was clear after the cold front moved through, I had absolutely no sightings and was chilled through and through.

I doing a re-hab on a house for a friend, which is a change from sitting at a desk beating on a keyboard, but when you start by hauling off 6080 pounds of junk, the job is not the touch-up the trim and repair a few electrical problems that was mentioned.

One of the pieces hauled off was the tank that belonged on one of the toilets in the house, so it’s time to install a new toilet.

The nail holes are nothing compared to the fist holes in the walls indicating someone among the former tenants had major anger management issues.

If I wasn’t ready for some physical labor I would have begged off, but I don’t see the December 1st “available to rent” date as realistic, too many things would have to go right for that to happen.

Rook of Rook’s Rant has a new chess game up that is beginning to look a good deal more interesting than recent contests.

Overheard at a store today, “Boy, I would be really pissed if I had waited outside in the cold to get one of the new systems and it refused to even turn on.” Apparently there are a couple of new game systems out in advance of the Santa season, and they weren’t tested prior to shipment. There is a significant problem with them dying right out of the box. Not a good sign, and considering the store, I suspect they were “gray market”, so good luck on getting the warranty honored.

Finally, I had totally forgotten what it is like to have a two-year-old around. One of my great nephews is at my Mother’s house, and he is really interested in everything. He’s a charming kid, but he can wear you out trying to “help.”


1 Karen { 11.20.06 at 11:20 am }

Sounds like a trip to nice hot sauna and a massage for achy muscles is in order! Too much weekend- warrior work for me (and I’ve noticed I’m getting too old to move without hiring *professional movers* to do the job.)

2 Bryan { 11.20.06 at 7:48 pm }

I had help, but you still end up doing more than you should and you pay for it. Curad is making a fortune off of me.

3 Alice { 11.20.06 at 11:07 pm }

I saw the Leonid meteor shower a few years back and it was the most awesome site I’d ever seen. The heavens put on a wonderful show that night, and I hope you get a chance to view it.

I’ve done house rehabs before and they always seem to explode exponentially. Good luck with that. May your slivers be few and the foundation be up to code (not quite the Irish blessing but the best I could come up with).

4 Bryan { 11.20.06 at 11:39 pm }

Thanks, Alice. I’ve seen meteor showers at 40,000 feet while flying over the Arctic, and they were even more impressive than the Northern Lights, but I was hoping for a picture this time.

Most of the rest will be “cosmetic” as the basic structure is intact, but it was built to the older code and I don’t like having to deal with 24-inch centers, instead of 16″. At least the heavy lifting is out of the way.

5 ellroon { 11.21.06 at 10:27 am }

I’ve added on to my house several times (try 3 months without a kitchen) but I’ve not been involved with a rehab. 6080 pounds of junk? Couldn’t you have just thrown it out in the front yard and had a garage sale?

May a few coats of paint be all you need now….

6 Bryan { 11.21.06 at 11:10 am }

Ellroon, in Florida, even without pets, you will get fleas in the house. If there’s any dampness, you will get mold and mildew. There was nothing worth buying in that 3 tons of mattresses and couches.

Before the painting, you have to fix the holes in the walls.