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Check Fallenmonk for the strange happenings.

My guess is that the Shrubbery is trying to build a case for the disaster in Iraq being the fault of Maliki. Let’s blame the victim is quite popular among people who refuse to admit any responsibility for anything. I don’t think Mr. Maliki is ready to sacrifice himself for the Bush legacy.


1 Karen { 11.30.06 at 10:42 am }

I just noticed a phrase appearing in Shrubs speech: “…as long as the Iraqi’s want us there…” I also believe I heard that Al Sadr followers have called for a timeline to demand the US leave Iraq. And Baker’s groups is advocating a withdrawal…So it all could be coming to *head* as the circumstances converge on a GET THE US OUT turn of events.

Of course, aside from blaming this Civil War on everyone but himself…Dubya will now say it’s all their own fault for wanting us to leave after we are gone.

2 Bryan { 11.30.06 at 12:06 pm }

It’s all about creating an excuse and shifting the blame. The only one who really needs to believe this is the Shrubbery, and that shouldn’t be too difficult – pat him on the head and give him a popsicle.