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Another Veto Threat — Why Now?
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Another Veto Threat

Scorpio says Bush hates the troops, but I don’t think he has ever cared about them enough to hate them.

CNN as a slightly different version of the same Associated Press report: New war funding bill unacceptable to White House

President Bush would veto any bill drafted by House Democratic leaders that would fund the Iraq war only into the summer months, his spokesman said Wednesday.

And Defense Secretary Robert Gates told a Senate committee that such short-term funding would be very disruptive and “have a huge impact” on contracts to repair and replace equipment. The Defense Department, he said, just doesn’t “have the agility to manage a two month appropriation.”

One simple question, after four years why is the Iraq conflict still being funded by “emergency” bills?

This funding should have been part of the regular appropriation bill, which, I admit, wouldn’t have helped much since the Repub-led 109th Congress didn’t pass that bill back in September as required, but left it for the 110th Congress, but that’s where this spending should have been.

I know that part of the answer is to hide the true deficit, because emergency bills are not counted in that bogus number – they are the surprise icky center surrounded by a depressing outer shell. But installation commanders and the maintenance people can come up with fairly hard budget numbers fairly quickly to plug in to an annual appropriation, and this hasn’t been done.

The problem of the repair and replacement of equipment was highlighted by General Peter Schoomaker some time ago as he appealed directly to Congress for more money because Rumsfeld kept cutting it from the Army’s budget. That should have been in the regular budget.

It isn’t the military, these budget problems are a result of the abysmal performance of the political appointees in the Department of Defense. The military and career civil service can provide a decent budget in their sleep, because they have been doing it a very long time.


1 Michael { 05.09.07 at 9:50 pm }

Let him keep vetoing, I say. It makes it all the simpler to prove that he really only cares about getting his way, no matter how much he talks about bipartisanship, or protecting Amurrika, or doing right by our troops. Plus, the longer he drags out this fight, the sooner the Pentagon has to start planning to pull units out once the money for the war dries up. Bush can either have a planned troop withdrawal starting next year, or he can have an unplanned on starting, oh, round about this fall. If he hasn’t been forced out of office by then.

2 Bryan { 05.09.07 at 9:58 pm }

It is, was, and always will be about him. He will veto it because he doesn’t recognize any restraints on his personal power.

I want a thorough audit on the Pentagon. The money damn sure hasn’t been going to the troops or the mission. What have they been doing with it?