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2007 May 15 — Why Now?
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“Not An Easy Time”

Strategic Rocket Forces

That’s the symbol of the Strategic Rocket Forces [Ракетные войска стратегического назначения]. I spent a lot of time watching their Soviet version. They weren’t quite as good as US capabilities, but close counts in nuclear weapons.

If the our so-called “Soviet expert” and Secretary of State keeps it up, we may find the SRF back in the news in a big way. Nobody knows if or when the Iranians will have nuclear weapons, but the SRF already controls the second largest number of such weapons on the planet.

While it is disheartening to hear “No breakthrough for US and Russia” it is very unsettling to hear “US to ignore Russia missile fears“.

Condoleezza Rice cannot be unaware that there are Russian words for irony [ирония] and hypocrisy [лицемерие]. She should certainly know better than to complain that Putin shares the Shrubbery’s views on the “unitary executive”. The only difference is that Putin decided to grab the energy wealth for the Russian government, while the Shrubbery wants it to go to Big Oil.

Basing missiles in Poland without having Russia on-board with the idea displays an incredible lack of diplomatic skill and unnecessarily increases tension in the world.

May 15, 2007   4 Comments


Dark Matter

The BBC reports Hubble spots ring of dark matter

Astronomers have found one of the best pieces of evidence for the existence of dark matter, a mysterious quantity that pervades our Universe.

They have identified what appears to be a ghostly ring in the sky which is made up of this enigmatic substance.

This is why the Hubble needs to be kept active. There is so much to learn and to know. Sometimes we find that our experiments already exist if we can find them.

May 15, 2007   7 Comments

While I Was There

There was a bit of news at Красная Звезда : В ВВС РОССИИ – НОВЫЙ ГЛАВКОМ

В главном штабе Военно-воздушных сил России министр обороны РФ Анатолий Сердюков представил руководящему составу ВВС нового главнокомандующего. В соответствии с Указом Президента РФ им стал генерал-полковник Александр Зелин…

Oh, I see, sorry. The Russian Defense Minister, Anatoly Serdyukov, announced the appointment of the new Chief of Staff for the Russian Air Force: Colonel-General Aleksander Zelin.

May 15, 2007   6 Comments