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2007 May 21 — Why Now?
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On A Lighter Note

The Chelsea flower show is getting set to begin. This is one of the best shows in the world and they always have a nice website.

May 21, 2007   9 Comments

The Fun Never Ends

The Associated Press is reporting Nation’s top weather officials resign:

WASHINGTON – One day after its hurricane forecasters complained of budget cuts, the head of the National Weather Service and his deputy announced they will retire next month.

David Johnson, the director, and John Jones, the deputy director, plan to bow out at the end of June, according to an internal memo they sent Friday to staff of the nation’s weather agency.

One month into the hurricane season and the top two officials are going to be new hires. That certainly fills me with confidence. I have a feeling they are sick of the games and would just like to get on with their lives without dealing with the jerks in charge of NOAA including Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr. US Navy (Retired), the current head of the organization.

Oh, David Johnson is actually Brigadier General David Johnson, US Air Force (Retired) because the Department of Commerce seems to be in the business of hiring retiring flag officers.

May 21, 2007   Comments Off on The Fun Never Ends

And This Surprises Who?

File this under business as usual: ‘$100 laptop’ sparks war of words

Chip-maker Intel “should be ashamed of itself” for efforts to undermine the $100 laptop initiative, according to its founder Nicholas Negroponte.

He accused Intel of selling its own cut-price laptop – the Classmate – below cost to drive him out of markets.

Professor Negroponte, who aims to distribute millions of laptops to kids in developing countries, said Intel had hurt his mission “enormously”.

Nick, you knew what kind of people you were dealing with going in, so you should stop complaining that “water is wet”. Based on price you decided to use AMD processors in your machine. Intel didn’t see the market until you created it, so they didn’t give you a realistic bid. Now that the market exists, they are going after it to destroy you and your effort. You work in the field; you should know what a cut-throat SOB Intel is.

After you’re gone they will spike the price and make their profits. You are a competitor so you have to be crushed. It’s not about priorities, it’s about profit margin and market share.

May 21, 2007   6 Comments

The Forgetting Fairy Strikes Again

Ellroon at Rants from the Rookery writes Carter is just a big meanie because he unloaded on the Shrubbery in response to a question about foreign policy.

The BBC reports that the White House hits back at Carter:

The White House has dismissed former US President Jimmy Carter as “increasingly irrelevant”, following his sharp criticism of President George W Bush.

Mr Carter on Saturday said the administration’s impact on the world had made it “the worst in history”.

A White House spokesman responded by saying that Mr Carter had engaged in “reckless personal criticism”.

Such bitter exchanges are rare between an incumbent US president and one of his predecessors, analysts say.

I don’t know where the analysts were hiding during the Clinton administration, but Terry at Nitpicker clears up that bit of misinformation.

It is possible that it is unusual for former Democratic Presidents to criticize the current President, but it is standard procedure for Republans. The same goes for the absurd claim that Congress doesn’t criticize the “Commander in Chief” when troops are in action. Every President who was in office during a war has been criticized by Congress.

May 21, 2007   2 Comments