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2007 May 25 — Why Now?
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Towel Day

Oh, the rumor about a Vogon constructor ship disguising itself as a comet last year was not true, but I almost missed it anyway.

May 25, 2007   10 Comments

Real Intelligence

house sparrow

This is the only creature in Washington that knows the proper response to a Shrubbery press conference.

Update: There’s no truth to the rumor that his name is Jack, nor that he is associated with Hollywood. [His people and Michael Moore’s haven’t met – yet.]

May 25, 2007   4 Comments

No One Could Have Predicted…

From Lisa Myers and Robert Windrem, NBC News Investigative Unit: CIA warned of risks of war in the Mideast

In a move sure to raise even more questions about the decision to go to war with Iraq, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will on Friday release selected portions of pre-war intelligence in which the CIA warned the administration of the risk and consequences of a conflict in the Middle East.

Among other things, the 40-page Senate report reveals that two intelligence assessments before the war accurately predicted that toppling Saddam could lead to a dangerous period of internal violence and provide a boost to terrorists. But those warnings were seemingly ignored.

[

May 25, 2007   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

New Digs

Friday Kitten Blogging

Who let him in?

[Editor: Finally, they are in the bathroom, where litter box training isn’t such a problem.]

Friday Ark

May 25, 2007   14 Comments