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2007 May 26 — Why Now?
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Are We Safer Yet?

From the Associated Press: A border runs through it: Tiny town worries feds

DERBY LINE, Vermont (AP) — Step through the front door of the Haskell Library and you’re in the United States.

Walk across the carpeted floor to the circulation desk and you’re in Canada. But if you sit down on the couch, you’re back in the U.S.

The 106-year-old Romanesque building, which straddles the international border, has enjoyed a kind of informal immunity from border restrictions through the years.

But a U.S. Border Patrol crackdown focusing on three unguarded streets linking Derby Line with Stanstead, Quebec, across the border, could soon change that.

“There’s been an increase in illegal activity, both north and south, in the last little while,” said Mark Henry, the operations officer for the Border Patrol’s Swanton sector, which runs across northern New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. “There have been some significant cases.”

Under the crackdown, instead of parking their cars outside the library in Quebec and walking to the front door in the U.S., Canadian patrons would have to detour through one of two ports of entry linking the municipalities.

You can’t be too careful. Those Canadians in Quebec are known speakers of French.

The article at CNN has a picture inside the library with a line on the floor noting the border.

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Happy [Belated] Blogiversary™

Norbiness of Happy Furry Puppy Story Time celebrated his fourth blogiversary yesterday and I missed it.

Go annoy him with a bad caption.

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Sorry For The Interuption of Service

Well, things went better than expected as I am apparently back up, but it was annoying for a while.

If you stopped by and saw all of those weird messages, they shouldn’t bother you for a while, as I don’t want to go through this again any time soon.

May 26, 2007   5 Comments