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The Fun Never Ends

The Associated Press is reporting Nation’s top weather officials resign:

WASHINGTON – One day after its hurricane forecasters complained of budget cuts, the head of the National Weather Service and his deputy announced they will retire next month.

David Johnson, the director, and John Jones, the deputy director, plan to bow out at the end of June, according to an internal memo they sent Friday to staff of the nation’s weather agency.

One month into the hurricane season and the top two officials are going to be new hires. That certainly fills me with confidence. I have a feeling they are sick of the games and would just like to get on with their lives without dealing with the jerks in charge of NOAA including Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr. US Navy (Retired), the current head of the organization.

Oh, David Johnson is actually Brigadier General David Johnson, US Air Force (Retired) because the Department of Commerce seems to be in the business of hiring retiring flag officers.