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Friday Kitten Blogging

Two For Lunch

Friday Kitten Blogging

Quick before Income gets here

[Editor: Income is being a laggard at lunch time. They are spending time under the computer desk [that is a wheel from my office chair at the bottom].]

Friday Ark

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 12th is the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive of the letter carriers.

And a reminder that Baton Rouge’s Cat Haven could use some help [as could every other TNR program in the country].


1 Modulator { 05.11.07 at 2:00 am }

Friday Ark #138…

We’ll post links to sites that have Friday (plus or minus a few days) photos of their chosen animals (photoshops at our discretion and humans only in supporting roles). Watch the Exception category for rocks, beer, coffee cups, and….? Visit all the …

2 Steve Bates { 05.11.07 at 8:55 am }

Are you suggesting that Income should be renamed Intake?

That’s a beautiful picture of most of the family, Bryan. And there’s nothing like a mom-and-kittens picture to make me smile in the morning.

3 Bryan { 05.11.07 at 12:43 pm }

Excize may get renamed Excess as there was a second lunch that featured Income and Excize. I’m still waiting on sexing them, but Income appears to be going towards being a copy of Ringo including the extra long tail.

4 jams o donnell { 05.11.07 at 3:08 pm }

Ah now I agree with Steve. A photo to make one smile. In not many weeks I dayresay mum will be glad to see the back of the kittens.. As Bebe was when we got her

5 Bryan { 05.11.07 at 3:39 pm }

It won’t be long, Jams, because Ringo’s mostly a korat and is single coated, so there isn’t much protection from kneading, and at four weeks on Sunday morning the teeth are coming in.