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More Ubuntu

Via Keith at Invisible Library, a video that Jessamyn at Librarian.net made while installing Ubuntu Linux on some computers donated to her library.

She has a pretty good description of the process and you get to look over her shoulder as she does it.

She’s at a small library and these are donated computers. If they had to buy the Windows software, it would cost them a mint. I have worked with donated computers and they usually need to be completely re-built on the software side, and no one remembers to include the software with the machines. You have to be fairly large for Microsoft to recognize you for special rates, so you end up with a situation that it would be cheaper to buy a new computer with the software on it, than to buy the software alone for a donated computer.


1 Steve Bates { 05.13.07 at 12:46 am }

Cool. Thanks for the links, Bryan. I’ll be at that point in about 2 weeks; that’s how long I’m testing my new Windows XP box and setup before dismantling my old Windows XP box to replace the failing HD and install Linux. Every bit of info I can gather in advance will surely make the process easier.

2 Bryan { 05.13.07 at 11:36 am }

It should be pretty straight forward and you already use OpenOffice. Open source makes more sense for small non-profits than to continually pay for MS.