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Bibles Everywhere, But The Wrong Kind — Why Now?
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Bibles Everywhere, But The Wrong Kind

When you hear “Judeo-Christian Tradition” you are supposed to understand that it means “evangelical Christian.”

Louisiana school district sued over Bibles in school:

The American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday filed its fifth religion-related lawsuit in 13 years against an eastern Louisiana school district, this time alleging that a principal improperly allowed people to distribute Bibles to students.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court on behalf of the parents of a fifth-grader at Loranger Middle School in Tangipahoa Parish, who were upset that Gideons Bibles were being given to students on school property during class hours.

“School officials in Tangipahoa Parish habitually show disdain for the Constitution, while disrespecting the right of parents, who happen to be Catholic in this case, to choose the religious tradition in which to raise their children,” said Joe Cook, the ACLU executive director for Louisiana.

People forget that there is no such thing as a single Bible, which is a bit embarrassing for those who claim it is the “inerrant Word of G-d.” I personally prefer the King James Version. It isn’t the most accurate, but it has a better class of sex and violence.


1 hipparchia { 05.19.07 at 3:02 pm }

kjv rocks!

2 Bryan { 05.19.07 at 3:06 pm }

It’s amazing how many parts were never taught in Sunday school.

3 oldwhitelady { 05.20.07 at 11:39 am }

I like the King James version, too. Although, I haven’t read much of it since youth.
It’s pretty funny that the school was giving out bibles during school hours… I guess they think all the kids need religion… and perhaps, they don’t realize Catholicism is a religion.

4 Bryan { 05.20.07 at 12:42 pm }

The sad fact is that many of these people believe there is only one religion, theirs, and everything else is a cult.

5 Mustang Bobby { 05.20.07 at 3:22 pm }

I love the KJV because it uses the same language and syntax as Shakespeare, not to mention the poetry and imagery.

What I also find intriguing is the people who can quote the KJV chapter and verse and swear on a stack that they understand every word and know the true intent of God in every syllable (as long as it fits into their particular agenda such as kill the queers and save Terri Schiavo) are the same people who can’t sit through a production of Hamlet because they can’t understand what’s being said.

6 Bryan { 05.20.07 at 4:52 pm }

The KJV is almost an anthology/sampler of Elizabethan literature. If you can really understand it, Shakespeare is not a challenge. Both were written to be remembered and recited. Few could read, but everyone could memorize and repeat. People can quote the KJV and Shakespeare for the same reason – they were written to be quoted, as research has proved.