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RIP Jim Capozzola 1962-2007

James Martin Capozzola was blogging for more than 5 years at The Rittenhouse Review and other venues, one of the Phillie bloggers. He was the definition of erudite.

He succumbed after a long illness complicated, as Susie Madrak notes, by a lack of health care and an accident.

His illness had silenced his blog for a while, but it was still a shock to learn of his death, following so closely on the death of Steve Gilliard.

Two powerful voices lost in so short a time.

July 2, 2007   2 Comments

An Action Shot

The crew at Danger Room have a picture of Britain’s crack anti-terrorism response force in action at the Glasgow airport…well, okay, so they have a picture of the balding red-headed taxi driver in a jean jacket with a garden hose dousing the terrorist who dumped the fuel on the ground and lit himself up.

But, hey, if the cab driver and baggage handlers hadn’t jumped into action, I’m sure the UK’s crack anti-terrorism squad would have gone into action.

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More On The Sicko Issue

Update: Hipparchia at Over the Cliff, Onto the Rocks has more information comparing the administrative costs of the US and Canadian systems

Sue Sturgis at Facing South looks at Sicko South and reports on coverage in the southern states. I note that 24% of Texans and 20% of Floridians have no health insurance. Both states have large military presences and Florida is known for it’s Medicare-covered retirees, but they are the worst states in the South for insurance coverage.

Flying into a rage, which is difficult for a penguin, BadTux makes it quite obvious that he doesn’t like the current health care system or the the companies involved in health [or music]. Deservedly strong language for the greedy bastards [not that I have anything against non-greedy bastards] who think the world owes them a profit and jobs.

I’m going to add my bit by telling you something you probably don’t know.

[

July 2, 2007   15 Comments

New Outpost

Juan Cole is part of a new group blog covering the Middle East: Informed Comment Global Affairs which will provide expanded coverage of the area by experts.


Some of the people who kept News Blog going have created a effort: Group News Blog.

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They’re Baaaack!

Melissa and the crew are back in Shakesville after their short exile to their Blogger cabin during the fumigation.

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