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Doing My Part

This is what they get for being annoying enough to make me change: Symantec’s first-quarter income falls to $95.2 million.

If they had even provided a minimum of service they would have received my annual subscription fee which was almost total profit. But, no they had to be miserable CPU wasting jerks.

You should never, ever mess with your “cash cow.” They never learned the lesson of “New Coke.” Just like the DLC they assume their base will stay while they make changes to attract new customers. I would like a cite where that strategy has worked. Newspapers and television do the same thing, make changes that will supposedly draw new people, and end up losing old customers.

July 27, 2007   14 Comments

Be Careful What You Wish For

Jack at the Grumpy Forester has a piece about libertarians in his neck of the woods dealing with the realities of this administration. They have most of what they feared would happen under Democrats brought to reality. Many now have “buyer’s remorse” about the people they have been voting for to protect their right to be left alone.

PictureNY.orgIt isn’t just in the Pacific Northwest. The mayor of New York City is at it again, with the never ending assault on individual rights. CNet’s Social blog is reporting on Photo, video freedom under fire in NYC. Apparently they want you to get a permit and register if you are planning to take pictures or videos in New York City. This isn’t about film companies, this covers two or more people, and using a tripod to take pictures. Apparently they’ve never encountered an Asian group tour. Get in their line of sight and you are apt to be washed in the light of so many xenon flashes as to alter your genetic make-up.

They did this in the Soviet Union.

July 27, 2007   11 Comments

How Bad Is It?

CBS is offering a gallery of starlets who are not on their way, or just out of jail.

Oh, yeah, the stock market plunged a couple of hundred points as the result of the people who thought Alan Greenspan must know what he was talking about and are now in foreclosure.

And apparently a few more members of our government are having a hard time remembering what that “truth-thing” is all about.  Of course, it’s the famous Democratic “perjury trap,” i.e. asking questions while people are under oath.

July 27, 2007   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Something wicked this way comes?

Friday Cat Blogging

The kid with the scar would never suspect a cute kitten of being a horcrux.

[Editor: Excise’s eyes are definitely weird in this camera mode.]

Friday Ark

July 27, 2007   13 Comments