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Andante of Collective Sigh has her selection of the Seven Wonders of the World

Liberty of Corrente has a great free verse/essay: Come Home America.

Sue Sturgis of Facing South reports on the problem of rebuilding: Gulf Watch: ‘Our biggest hurdle is the United States government’.

Sharon Weinberger of Danger Room shows that Dick was always a dick in: The Whistleblower’s Tale.

Manan Ahmed of Informed Comment Global Affairs has a solid background piece on the Red Mosque stand off in Pakistan in: The Mosque and the Ballot. You should read it, Grasshopper, to discover why he calls members of the women’s school attached to the mosque “the Shaolin Burqas of Jamia Hafsa.”

CBS has a preview of a 60 Minutes piece with U.S. Comptroller General David Walker which tells us what we already knew – “borrow and spend” doesn’t work.

CNN reports that comity went out the same window as stare decisis on the Roberts Court in: Justices take potshots in opinions.

Update: a clarification – the “the Shaolin Burqas of Jamia Hafsa” are not a Pink-Pistol-Packing Lesbian Gang. Just so there’s no confusion.

July 9, 2007   Comments Off on Blog Around

End For Proenza

Via Steve Bates of Yellow Doggerel Democrat in comments CNN is reporting: National Hurricane Center director leaves position

(CNN) — National Hurricane Center director Bill Proenza has left his position, CNN has learned. Sources say Proenza is still employed with the center, but the nature of his new position is unclear.

Deputy Director Ed Rappaport has been temporarily placed in charge.

Proenza, 62, became the director in January after the retirement of Max Mayfield.

Hopefully the soap opera is over and they can get back to work.

July 9, 2007   2 Comments