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Spin! Spin! Spin!

Before you risk vertigo on what will follow get mellow with the Byrds.

So the folks at Danger Room earn their money by reading things so you don’t have to, like the latest de-classified National Intelligence Estimate that is carried on CBS as U.S. Warns Of “Evolving” Terror Threat, which is every bit as creative as the pirouetting pachyderms in Fantasia and it should read “Revolving,” because it keeps turning up when useful for the Hedgemony.

Sharon Weinberger presents Homeland Security Advisor: U.S. Fighting a “Single Determined Enemy” in which Frances “Whirlpool” Townsend fails to inform us exactly when it will be “determined” who, what, and/or where this enemy is, and how he, she, it, or they will be dealt with, only that we have to believe, or something bad will happen to someone, somewhere, at some time.

Noah Shachtman looks at it and pronounces the Intelligence Estimate: Snoozeville. Not only that, he locates other people who just don’t care if Tinkerbell or Frances Townsend fade away waiting for “a success that hasn’t occurred yet”.

July 17, 2007   4 Comments

The Cost Of Fear

You may have seen the news about the shooting at the office of the governor of Colorado:

… a man in a dark suit some described as a tuxedo appeared outside the offices of Gov. Bill Ritter. He refused to drop a handgun, and was shot and killed by a patrolman on the governor’s security detail.

The man said before he was shot, “I am the emperor and I’m here to take over state government,” said Evan Dreyer, the governor’s spokesman.

No one besides the gunman was injured.

Now they are talking about new security measures and the need to install metal detectors at the entrances.

What part of “No one besides the gunman was injured” don’t these people understand. The system in place worked. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Before banning sippy cups, snack packs, or “cremains” how about taking a minute to thank the people who did their job in a competent manner, and not question their worth by adding a lot of expensive equipment.

July 17, 2007   24 Comments

That Was Annoying

Down for several hours due to power problems at the server farm.  Apparently a circuit breaker melted and power couldn’t be shifted to the back-up generation system.

Too many people are moving to Phoenix and overloading the local grid, IMHO.

July 17, 2007   4 Comments