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Short Takes

Mad Kane favors us with another wonderful piece: The Full-a-Bluster Song.

Kevin Drum of Political Animal has another episode of why you can’t trust the telecoms: Telephone Kvetching.

Lurch at Main and Central has two pieces: Irony Lives On, in which the Hedgemony tries to find a new marketing slogan for Messopotamia, and Supporting the Troops, in which the White House details all of the terrible things the Congress is doing to hurt the troops, like giving them pay raises and not increasing medical insurance co-pays.

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July 18, 2007   2 Comments

Back To The Press Room


CNN parrots the MAC-V MNF-I report: U.S.: Senior al Qaeda in Iraq leader held. It was a patriotic capture on the the Fourth of July of the Media Director of Al Qaeda in Iraq who supposedly coordinates with AQ-HQ on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

What do they have against press secretaries? They arrested al Sadr’s press secretary in January with much fanfare. I guess it’s critical that AQ-I’s websites will no longer be up-to-date.

The situation is simple: the Hedgemony screwed up and pulled people away from the real counter-terrorism mission in Afghanistan to attack Iraq for no reason. As a result, the original franchise is still going strong in the Northwest Territories of Pakistan, and an opportunist in Iraq opened shop after the occupation was botched.

The foreign fighters in Iraq are coming from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and most of the attacks are carried out by Baathist elements, but these idiots are blaming Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah.

We have to impeach these people to get someone in power who at a minimum understands that you will never hit a target if you don’t aim at it.

July 18, 2007   9 Comments