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2007 December 01 — Why Now?
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They Have Blogs

Mark Paul of Moonbats & Wingnuts, one of McClatchy’s alt.campaign blogs reviews the blog reaction to the Repub YouTube debate and it isn’t pretty: The blogs flunk the media again.

In case you didn’t notice, the Wingnuts thought the candidates were sandbagged by allowing obvious Democrats to ask questions, while the Moonbats thought the questions were inane and pointless for a Presidential primary.

I’m firmly in the camp that believes all of the legacy media coverage has been inane and pointless. You have to do a lot of searching to find out where any of the candidates in either party stand on any important issue, and there is no information about the stands of several candidates on many issues.

Usually the League of Women Voters sends questionnaires to candidates and then prints a booklet with the answers. No one seems to have been able to do that for the primaries. Apparently, primary voters are expected to take their best guess and select someone, and then the questionnaires will be sent to the candidates selected. This is not a reasoned process, the debates have been of absolutely no help.

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Locals, especially local developers, look at the stretch of the barrier island [the East half is called Okaloosa Island, and the West, Santa Rosa Island] that is still occupied by the Air Force and lobby for it to be made available for development. They don’t think people will mind being microwaved by the various radars watching tests over the Gulf, or the low flying aircraft landing and taking off from Hurlburt Field, to be first people to see the hurricanes coming roaring in over the emerald green waters that are about to inundate their condo.

But there are other problems when the military turns over land for civilian use: Key West Landscapers Uncover 30 Unexploded World War II Mortar Shells. It’s amazing how you can forget where you left things when the terrain is altered by hurricanes, especially things that aircraft in trouble dump as they attempt to land.

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Follow The Leader?

The thing about following someone’s lead is to avoid following those who are heading over a cliff.

Reading that Democrats punish Michigan for early primary, is not exactly a surprise as this has already happened to Florida for daring to attempt to be relevant in the process of selecting a President.

Since Florida delegates can’t attend the convention, I wonder if the Republican Florida secretary of state will decide that the Democratic nominee doesn’t qualify to be on the state’s ballot unless they qualify separately through a petition drive, or must run as a write-in candidate? Anyone who thinks that’s a crazy idea hasn’t been watching Florida elections this century.

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It’s Over

The 2007 Hurricane season is over and it wasn’t as bad as people assumed for the US, but the people on the Yucatan Peninsula will remember getting smacked by two category 5 monsters, Dean and Felix and the Caribbean will mourn the losses caused by the rains of Noel. It is probable that all three names will be retired from the list.

Dr. Jeff Masters has his 2007 Hurricane Season wrap-up out and looks at some of the reasons that the season was not what everyone thought it would be. We are in an active cycle for storms, the La Niña keeps down wind shear, the surface water temperatures were up – everything was set for a really bad season for the US, but the action was all to the South and things went very quiet at the end. One of the big factors was African dust which cooled the surface temperatures, and isn’t predictable.

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December 1, 2007   5 Comments