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2007 December 29 — Why Now?
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Invest 95L

Not much of a threat to anyone, but it has to possibility of becoming the last named storm of the year – Tropical Storm Pablo. It’s out in the middle of the Atlantic and forecast to head towards Puerto Rico where it will probably be savaged by wind shear.

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Heads Up

There’s a new version of the Storm trojan/worm out and about being spread by greeting card posts.  Don’t click on any greeting cards unless you know the sender and recognize the greeting card site.

They are using Blogspot blogs to send some of this garbage out.

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Living With Technology

First the good news.

My Mother has been fighting with her cell phone for some time due to what I finally realized was a sticking button. Unfortunately it was the button that you press to answer the phone, and, as a result, people were getting put on hold and the key board was being locked because of the bad button.

Instead of trying to get the thing fixed, she now has a new phone, a clamshell type, that automatically connects when you open it, and disconnects when you close it. She is a happy camper.

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