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2007 December 18 — Why Now?
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Over two centuries ago a man named Thomas Paine said: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Tom was annoyed that people didn’t seem to want to commit to a plan to do something about the abuse of power by the executive of government, at the time, King George III. Then doing something carried the significant risk of being arrested for treason and hanged, so a certain reticence is understandable.

Today we have another executive headed by a guy named George, and it is being every bit as obtrusive, but this time there is no gallows waiting for those who oppose him. For some reason the people with some power who might do something about it are, with a few exceptions, just milling around kvetching.

Yesterday one Senator led. He came back to Washington from his campaign for President and stood on the floor of the Senate prepared to talk as long as he was able to stop the loss of more rights. The two “leading contenders” chose to stay on the campaign trail and send notes saying how much they disapproved of what was happening.

Chris Dodd chose to lead, Clinton and Obama chose to avoid making a real stand. If you believe in the Constitution who is the best choice for President?

Oh, Senator Reid, Congresswoman Pelosi – why don’t you just get out of the way.

December 18, 2007   10 Comments

Awards Time

At the end of every year people start gathering their choices for the best and worst in multiple categories for the year that has just ended. If you don’t want to compile, your own list you can vote on other people’s.

That’s what MSNBC is doing with the Weird Science Awards. Click over and vote for the odd moments in science and technology of the past year. I don’t want to influence anyone’s voting, some people might find kittens that glow under UV light useful.

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From the Associated Press [this time CNN is faking it], a bank that understands the spirit of the season: Bank to employees: Pay it forward

FARGO, North Dakota (AP) — A bank is giving its full-time employees $1,000 each and part-time employees $500 each. There’s one condition — use it for people in need.

State Bank & Trust Chief Operating Officer Michael Solberg said each full-time employee will receive $1,000 and each part-time employee will receive $500, as part of a $502,000 “Pay it Forward” initiative.

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December 18, 2007   9 Comments

Victory For Voters

From the Associated Press [at CBS News, so you’ll think they are still a news organization] good news from the Rockies: Colorado Bans Most Electronic Voting Machines

(AP) Colorado’s top election official decertified electronic voting machines used in many of the state’s largest counties Monday, calling into question equipment used in past elections in a move he said could have national implications.

Electronic voting machines used in Denver, Arapahoe, Pueblo, Mesa and Elbert counties cannot be used in the next election because of problems with accuracy or security, Secretary of State Mike Coffman said.

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