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2007 December 13 — Why Now?
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Now With Extra Sequels

Everyone remember the Miami Haitian Ninja Terrorists, who were going to do terrible things if they only had boots and uniforms… oh, yeah, they needed some guns, and now that you mention it if they were going to blow things up, maybe some explosives, ’cause, at the time, they were about a half dozen nutters in black pajamas guarding a warehouse in the Liberty City area of Miami?

So, today we finished the sequel, Miami Haitian Ninja Terrorists – The Trial: 1 acquitted, 6 to be retried, in alleged terror plot

MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — One of seven men accused of conspiring to blow up Chicago’s Sears Tower was acquitted Thursday, and a federal jury in Miami failed to reach a verdict on six others arrested in the alleged terror plot.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced that the six whose cases ended in mistrials would be retried starting on January 7.

Lyglenson Lemorin, who also goes by the name Brother Levi, was acquitted in the “Liberty City 7” trial, U.S. District Judge Joan Leonard’s office told CNN.

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Look! Up In The Air! It’s…Nothing.

In it’s never-ending quest to maintain its record as the most grounded aircraft to ever enter the military inventory, Susie notes that the Osprey is once again waiting for parts. This time it’s an engine problem that causes fires.

I saw my first and last Osprey back in May, and you have to look in maintenance hangars to see one these days. There are four stationed at Hurlburt Field with the 8th Special Operations Squadron, but they haven’t been doing much flying.

As Badtux has noted, the Osprey requires a computer to control the tilting of the wing. On an Osprey the “blue screen of death” is not a metaphor.

December 13, 2007   4 Comments

Conspiracy Theories

I wonder how you say stainless steel colander in Farsi?

In discussing the spin on the NIE in Washington and Iran, Farideh Farhi of Informed Comment Global Affairs notes that relatives and friends in Iran are talking about the possibility of a secret alliance between the Shrubbery and Ahmadinejad. From the point of view of an Iranian democracy advocate, the Hedgemony’s tactics in dealing with Iran are overshadowing other problems in the country that weaken the ultra-conservatives that Ahmadinejad represents.

Those crazy Persian democracy advocates. I mean the thought of the neonitwits aligning with conservatives in the Iranian power structure is just crazy, right? Ehh, Right‽

December 13, 2007   7 Comments


Sean-Paul at the Agonist asks an interesting question – Iran Nuclear Program: If It Stopped In 2003 When Did It Start? And Where’s The Proof?

Well, now, the proof of the program is a bit of a problem, isn’t it, because the record seems to indicate that majority of intelligence about the military program comes from the MEK/PMOI, who lost a lot of their internal Iranian support by moving to Iraq and seemingly allying with Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War. It is a bit of a stretch to assume that they had infiltrated a highly secure, tightly controlled operation like a nuclear weapons program after that war. The political side of the group, the PMOI, is amazingly similar to Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress which delivered such “sterling” intelligence about WMDs in Iraq. They might know something, but anything they give you would need to be independently verified.

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December 13, 2007   7 Comments