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2007 December 21 — Why Now?
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Why Universal Health Care

Echidne covers another “water is wet” study on The Cost Of Not Having Health Insurance. The short version is if you don’t have insurance and get sick you will die. I think most people have figured that out.

In some ways the need is made even more obvious by the story of Nataline Sarkisyan, who had insurance through Cigna HealthCare and died today. The Associated Press is now reporting that the Family is suing Cigna, but that won’t stop the company’s denial management specialists from refusing to cover treatment for other policy holders.

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Listen Up!

I’m bald, I have no interest in nor use for laser hair removal systems.

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I delete this crap. You aren’t going to receive a link, and I resent having to make the effort to click on the delete button.

Sending this multiple times to a post about a computerized guitar is not going to avoid the checks in place. Go bother Repubs, they may need your products.

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Xan at Corrente refers to it as the shipstone from Robert Heinlein’s novel, Friday, but this is a philosopher’s stone for renewable power generation. Stanford University researchers are on track to produce a new Lithium-ion battery with ten times the capacity of current batteries.

The problem with electrical power generation has never been producing the electricity – there are multiple ways of doing that – it has been storing it in sufficient quantities. You can rig photo-voltaic cells to produce electricity, but you need to store that power for the nights and cloudy days. Windmills work well, but you need to store the power for calm days.

The standard lead-acid battery has too many drawbacks, and a new storage system has been holding up really useful electric vehicles, off-the-grid power systems, even an all-day laptop.

If this breakthrough can be put into production, a lot of things will change. This is very good news.

December 21, 2007   10 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

The Struggle Continues

Friday Cat Blogging


[Editor: In solidarity with the striking WGA members, Zipster demonstrates his technique for dealing with blood-sucking parasites.]

Friday Ark

In Memoriam


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