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Rudolph, the Red Something Something

This time it really isn’t about the sex, it’s about the money.

I’ve seen people saying that “Sex On The City” [Tryst Fund, Shag Fund, whatever] is like Bill and Monica. Au contraire, from the point of view of tax dollars Monica was the ultimate cheap date, costing no tax money. Judi, on the other hand, cost the treasury of the city of New York tens of thousands of dollars in personnel and transportation costs, that doesn’t include the increase in potential liability by having NYPD officers on duty outside their jurisdiction.

No doubt a police officer was necessary to protect Judi’s dog because of the threat posed by ferrets in New York, but this claim that Judi was due police protection and transportation because of threats would come as a major surprise to the thousands of women in New York City and State who have received orders of protection because of actual abuse by former spouses. It was misappropriation of funds, plain and simple. Rudy abused the system to impress his latest girlfriend, and now wife. It also shows how little regard Rudy had for the officers of the NYPD.


1 Fallenmonk { 12.03.07 at 7:47 am }

Bloomberg’s SO kind of whacked it out of the park Friday by reminding everyone that she still rides the buses and subway daily and without any protection and also travels internationally. That has to hurt.

2 ellroon { 12.03.07 at 10:16 am }

Well, Monica did cost one gazillion dollars after the Starr law firm sank its snout into the taxpayer’s money trough….

3 Bryan { 12.03.07 at 10:26 am }

Yeah, FM, but she doesn’t have a dog threatened by ferrets.

Monica had to provide her own transportation and lost a dress. Ken Starr spent the money because he’s a “conservative”, and that’s what they do, spend tax dollars on bad cases that they lose in court.

4 Sorghum Crow { 12.03.07 at 11:54 am }

Rudolph the Red Handed Crook

5 Bryan { 12.03.07 at 12:10 pm }

I, actually, didn’t intend to be that kind, but I try to keep my vocabulary PG. I knew people who lived under the reign of Rudy, and they certainly were unhappy with the garbage he pulled.