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The Pacific Northwest is being hit with an Arctic hurricane-like storm: Pacific storm brings mudslides, blackouts to Northwest

OLYMPIA, Washington (AP) — A powerful Pacific storm battered the Northwest on Monday, blocking roads near the coast with fallen trees and flooding, blacking out thousands of customers and icing up mountain highways.

Mudslides halted north-south Amtrak passenger train service between Eugene, Oregon, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Wind gusts to 100 mph were reported along the Oregon coast, with the highest reading at 129 mph at Bay City, the National Weather Service said. It said gusts hit 81 mph at Hoquiam, Washington.

A second blast expected later Monday could be the strongest storm coming ashore since 1999, weather service meteorologists said, issuing the region’s first warning for hurricane-force wind.

The first wave of severe weather in the Northwest was expected to reach the Upper Midwest with snow on Tuesday, the weather service in Minneapolis, Minnesota, said. That region was battered by an ice and snow storm Saturday.

All of the wind, storm surge, and rain of a hurricane with ice and snow thrown in to make those without power even more miserable as they huddle in the cold and dark.

We can blame it on Jack Cluth of the People’s Republic of Seabrook who moved from the Texas coast to Portland. Jack K. at the Grumpy Forester wrote about the approach of the storm yesterday.


1 John B. { 12.04.07 at 7:46 am }


I lived in Portland and on the coast for eight years a couple of decades ago. Ice storms this time of year? Sure. 65 mph winds two days in a row? Never.

2 Bryan { 12.04.07 at 11:07 am }

Jack K. says it is about a month early for this kind of storm. They get something like it every year, but not this bad, and not this early.