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Mer Jul i Gävle

Once again, Why Now? is pleased to present the link to the webcam of Gävlebocken, The biggest Christmas Goat in the world.

It’s just as exciting as watching WEDGINALD on Cheddarvision.

From Steve Bates of Yellow Doggerel Democrat in the comments [last year]:

Why build a giant goat of straw,
Which most of us would scarcely note?
Some, though, defy the very law,
To vandalize the Gävle Goat.

In some years, they used wayward cars;
In others, flaming arrows smote.
This year’s survives, although with scars…
A fact that gets some people’s goat.

A webcam and some watchful eyes,
A flame-retardant second coat,
Should save it… unless Dubya spies
The thing, and claims it’s his pet goat!

– SB the YDD


1 The Culture Ghost { 12.06.07 at 12:53 am }

I’m a big fan of the cheddarCam.

2 Steve Bates { 12.06.07 at 9:44 am }

As they say… good cheese takes time! Or something like that.

Always glad to see the Bock again. Its continued presence, unvandalized, is somehow reassuring in these troubled times.

3 Bryan { 12.06.07 at 1:23 pm }

It is very Zen, and teaches the value of waiting, CG.

I’m going to get your doggerel as soon as I find the time, Steve.

4 Steve Bates { 12.06.07 at 4:44 pm }

Ha… I’d forgotten all about that, Bryan; it’s a good thing your memory is better than mine. By all means post it if you like!