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“You are no Jack Kennedy”

Proving that he has more in common with Dan Quayle than John Kennedy, Mitt Romney gave a speech in which he avoided talking directly about his faith, mentioning “Mormon” only once, and displaying an amazing amount of misinformation about American history and government. He is apparently under the impression that the Republican Congresses of the 1950s were the Founders, as that is the source of “under G-d” in the pledge of allegiance and “In G-d We Trust” as an American motto and monetary decoration.

The Hartford Courant website has the Associated Press report on the Text of Romney’s Speech [as delivered].

As the former governor of Massachusetts one would think he might have been aware that the original “Pilgrim Fathers” fined people who celebrated Christmas, as they felt it was just an excuse for revelry and had no religious basis. They also refused to allow ministers to perform or witness marriages as they felt that marriage was a secular contract, and not religious.