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This is going to be painful. Of all of the things the xenophobes don’t want to oppose, I would think that Paddington Bear would definitely be near the top, but then he has special relevance to military brats, so I may be biased.

The BBC reports on his golden anniversary book: Paddington Bear’s birthday book

Paddington, the bear from Peru, will be arrested and interrogated over his immigration status in a book marking his 50th birthday.

In the new book the bear, who arrived in the country as a stowaway, is interviewed about his right to stay in England.

He has no papers to prove his identity as his Aunt Lucy arranged for him to hide on a ship’s lifeboat from Peru when she went to live in the Home for Retired Bears in Lima.

I have a feeling this could show up at Question Time.


1 oldwhitelady { 12.08.07 at 3:27 pm }

I wonder where he’ll go after the interrogation. How sad that it happens on his 50th birthday. Sigh. Poor Paddington.

2 Bryan { 12.08.07 at 4:10 pm }

It’s a rather pointed analogy and will probably create problems for the government. It’s not very nice when the children’s authors start pointing out your inconsistencies.

Of course, in Britain, the politicians know that Paddington is a teddy bear in a book. Tom Tancredo would probably miss that part.