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What A Surprise — Why Now?
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What A Surprise

The Associated Press reports that Negotiations on Hollywood labor pact collapse. everyone thought things were moving along and now the negotiators have quit – except the WGA negotiators are ready to talk and the AMPTP negotiators left.

What’s sort of interesting is what Nikke Finke has been reporting this past week. On Wednesday the report was AMPTP hired two PR firms, one associated with Dems and the other with the Repubs, and both associated with disaster control. These guys don’t come come cheap and the “fair and balanced” hiring seems to signal that the corporations expect politicians to get involved. The only reason for politicians to get involved would be if this thing dragged on for an extended period. [hint, hint]

Then on Thursday, December 6, Nikke Finke reports that the corporations were stalling because they planned to quit and blame the Writers Guild.

What was amazing was immediately following the AMPTP decision to that the talks had failed, they had a press release, a very professional and polished press release, explaining how the negotiations had failed because of the inexperience of the WGA negotiators, and the WGA’s “politicization” of the talks.

Reading through the reports it would seem that the AMPTP has adopted the Hedgemony’s standard for negotiations, i.e. agree to everything we want and then we’ll talk to you so you can surrender.


1 The Culture Ghost { 12.08.07 at 10:57 pm }

Is this such a bad thing? Well yes, if you happen to be a striking writer, but no new television shows….oh the horror, the horror. What will America if they have nothing but reruns…they could try reading a bloody book is what they could do.

2 Cookie Jill { 12.08.07 at 11:11 pm }

Lehane and Fabiani aren’t “Democrats” …they are money grubbing ho, ho, ho’s.

Case in point…during the CA “Energy Crisis” they were consulting Gray Davis for a tune of $30,000 a MONTH. (thanks to us taxpayers…) They were ALSO consulting SoCal Edison AT THE VERY SAME TIME. So, they were being paid by both sides of the “negotiating” table and CA got “pooched.” Big time.

They’re traitors. They’re scum. They need to get railroaded out of the State with a nice good coating of tar (readily available here on SB beaches) and feathers.

3 Michael { 12.08.07 at 11:16 pm }

Their PR firms are no match for the blogs. The writers will win because we are in solidarity with them. The studios had best recognize this fast and give them exactly what they are asking for, before they ask for more.

4 Bryan { 12.08.07 at 11:22 pm }

If I ever see their work it will be on a DVD, CG, as the last time I touched my TV with was to clean up after a sick cat, but they should be paid when I buy the DVD [if I ever buy a DVD player].

I had clients in PR, Jill, and I wouldn’t want another one. Some of what they did, while legal, was not exactly moral. We had a parting of ways because they wanted me to do something that could have been readily abused to confuse people as to what was happening to money, and I didn’t want to end up in court. It wasn’t fraud, but only by the thinnest of margins.

They charge $100K/month lately, according to reports – must be inflation.