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Via PZ Myers at Pharyngula I learned that one of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett of the Discworld series, announced: “I have been diagnosed with a very rare form of early onset Alzheimer’s, which lay behind this year’s phantom ‘stroke’.”

He is still working and has been prolific, but picking up a Discworld novel is one of the best forms of relaxation anyone can have. The thought of this illness robbing the world of stories untold, is a definite “downer,” but there are still a lot of his words to enjoy.


1 Steve Bates { 12.12.07 at 11:45 pm }

Damn. Pratchett is one of the stellar lights in our universe.

Somehow, medical science is going to have to put an end to that disease. It took my mother, starting visibly at about 65 and killing her at 67… and I frequently look over my own shoulder every time I forget even the slightest thing.

Pratchett? surely not Pratchett. If his mind goes, we live in a no-good-deed-goes-unpunished universe.

2 Bryan { 12.12.07 at 11:55 pm }

He writes with his wife, and for all we know she supplies some of the dialog, but it won’t be the same, We can hope for the best and gratefully accept whatever works he can finish.

3 jams o donnell { 12.13.07 at 1:56 am }

I thought you would post this news Bryan. It’s a huge shame. We may never see Moist von Lipwig as taxman or scouting for trolls but he has given us plenty of books to enjoy and revisit..

4 Bryan { 12.13.07 at 9:36 am }

It’s time to re-read Hogfather, and enjoy the exposition of the roots of our seasonal traditions. He has enjoyed the rewards of providing the rest of us with many good reads, and a lot of common sense, so we can hope for more and settle for what we have.