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This Is The Problem — Why Now?
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This Is The Problem

Juan Cole wonders where Nancy Pelosi has since she entered the House: Pelosi on Republicans: They Like this War

You have a sinking feeling that a small band of nice gentle hobbits is facing off against the Orcs of Mordor, without any magic rings or even just ordinary armament, and without any over-arching strategy.

Didn’t she ever notice what a ravening mob they were? How many times have they voted to strip Americans of their rights, backed meaningless aggression, verbally assaulted Democrats, backed torture, while she has been sitting in the House? Was she so stupid, she didn’t notice? Didn’t she hear the hate in their floor speeches?

For the simple-minded, which apparently includes the Speaker of the House: the Republicans do not intend to “play by the rules;” they don’t intend to make compromises; they don’t intend to act in a reasonable, adult manner. Stop accommodating them and their ploys, it doesn’t do any good, and serves no purpose. They were nasty and brutish when they were in control, and that is all they respect.