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1 Cookie Jill { 12.16.07 at 2:10 am }

What the heck is that with it’s “dukes” up? Looks like Marvin the Martian.

2 Bryan { 12.16.07 at 9:52 am }

The “Fighting Knight” looks like he’s about to be drowned and no one noticed where the screw holes were – the stance looks like a “borrowing” from Notre Dame.

3 Mustang Bobby { 12.16.07 at 4:26 pm }

Cookie Jill beat me to it; and it does look like the offspring of Marvin the Martian and the Fighting Irish mascot…about to get tsunami’d.

4 Bryan { 12.16.07 at 5:37 pm }

Well, what can you expect from people who live in a place called “Rat’s Mouth” and think it’s posh.