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Gulf Coast Christmas

Christmas Cactus

This is a Christmas Cactus among the ivy on the fence to my Mother’s side yard. The camellias are also starting to bloom, but might take a hit if the temperature drops a little lower. We have to “put up” with these distractions instead of snow.


1 oldwhitelady { 12.25.07 at 4:52 pm }

Beautiful! I do enjoy Christmas Cactus. I had some, but I guess the kitties dug it up..or I might have forgotten to water it. Their blooms are glorious.

2 andante { 12.25.07 at 7:31 pm }



That’s gorgeous. Hard to imagine it growing when it’s cold & icky up here (to me, at least).

3 Bryan { 12.25.07 at 8:36 pm }

OWL, there isn’t enough dirt in that pot to grow a blade of grass, and rain is the only watering it gets, but it puts on this show every year. There’s a pathetic smaller version next to it that blooms in the Spring. This is just the perfect spot for this plant, because it certainly doesn’t get any care.

Andante, we had ice pellets this morning and a thunderstorm, but the sun shown through much later. At least there’s some water going into a very dry area. It won;t break the drought, but it won’t get any worse.