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2008 July 01 — Why Now?
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The Bad Penny

… some things keep turning up.

Nukes & Spooks wonder What’s IARPA?.

The name, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency, is apparently designed to make people think of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [DARPA] which known for supporting wild and crazy research that results in things like, well, the Internet, but IARPA would seem to have a different purpose.

The guess is that this is the latest iteration of the Total Information Awareness project, the incredibly invasive and worthless project started under Rumsfeld by John Poindexter. Congress keeps thinking it has been killed and it keeps being resurrected by its faithful believers.

They don’t seem to be aware that psychohistory is from a piece of fiction, and wishing it were true won’t make it happen.

July 1, 2008   13 Comments

Election Problems

flag of Mongolia

The BBC reports that Mongolia calls state of emergency

The president of Mongolia has declared a four-day state of emergency in the capital amid violent protests over claims the general election was rigged.

Crowds torched the HQ of Mongolia’s governing party – the former Communists – and attacked a police station.

They didn’t have these problems when they were a poor country of nomadic herders, but the discovery of mineral wealth and the money it brings causes government jobs to be worth big money.

At least there of no reports of the terrorism practiced by Mugabe to hang on to power in Zimbabwe. He should just take his ill gotten gains and let the country try to rebuild.

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Happy Canada Day

La fête du


Thank you for not yet building a fence along your southern or western border, and for brewing great beer.

Schedule of Ottawa events and some background.

July 1, 2008   4 Comments