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2008 July 16 — Why Now?
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Feedjit has been showing Microsoft’s search.live.com moving through my site one word search at a time.  It makes me nervous.

For the first time ever I’ve had a Logitech mouse die.  The plastic “spring” on the main button is becoming useless and I’ve had to buy a new one.  My Mother still uses my original “wedge” LT mouse for Windows 3.11 on her system.

WordPress has a new version out and they are nagging about up-grading.  I’ll do it at some point.

NTodd of Dohiyi Mir drove from Oregon back to Vermont, at the same time Keith of Invisible Library was driving from Savannah to Salem, Oregon.  They would have passed on the road.  I doubt anyone wants to go from Vermont to Georgia.

Steve Bates at Yellow Doggerel Something gets called for jury duty more often than anyone I’ve ever known.

I must be one of the last people in Northwest Florida with a landline telephone because I get called for polls several times a month.

July 16, 2008   6 Comments

Tropical Weather

Tropical Storm Bertha is wandering East and annoying fish in the mid Atlantic.

Invest 94L continues to look like it is going to do something, but nothing is happening.

The annoying weather pattern that has provided at least one thunderstorm every day in July in the northern Gulf has finally moved and may provide much needed rain to South Florida.

The Weather Underground Tropical site has problems that are still being worked on, requiring me to use the National Hurricane Center [NHC}.

Whether they understand it or not the NHC desparately needs a graphic artist or at least a programmer willing to expand beyond the 8 colors of the IBM-PC color monitor.

July 16, 2008   5 Comments

One Small Step

Apollo 11

Apollo 11


Neil A. Armstrong

Pilot: Columbia Command Module

Michael Collins, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF

Pilot: Eagle Lunar Module

Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr., Colonel, USAF

Launched: 16 July 1969 UT 13:32:00 (08:32:00 CDT)

Landed on Moon: 20 July 1969 UT 20:17:40 (15:17:40 CDT)

Landing Site: Mare Tranquillitatis – Sea of Tranquility (0.67 N, 23.47 E)

Returned to Earth: 24 July 1969 UT 16:50:35 (11:50:35 CDT)

July 16, 2008   11 Comments

It’s A Small World

You may have heard about this, or read about at a blog. WFTV reports on a billboard in Orange County, Florida linked to Mike Meehan, a St. Cloud, Florida businessman and possible musician.

The billboard has a picture of the World Trade Center on fire and a message saying don’t vote for Democrats. Mr. Meehan says he’s trying to help the Republican Party, and, by the way, happens to have some CDs for sale with his latest opus: The Republican Song.

No need to go into all of the facts of the Republicans in charge of everything when the towers were stuck, the sleaze factor of attempting to profit from the tragedy, the probability of a copyrighted photograph being used for the billboard, etc. This is a Florida Republican, just put him on the sex pervert list and get on with reality, except…

[

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