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It’s A Small World — Why Now?
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It’s A Small World

You may have heard about this, or read about at a blog. WFTV reports on a billboard in Orange County, Florida linked to Mike Meehan, a St. Cloud, Florida businessman and possible musician.

The billboard has a picture of the World Trade Center on fire and a message saying don’t vote for Democrats. Mr. Meehan says he’s trying to help the Republican Party, and, by the way, happens to have some CDs for sale with his latest opus: The Republican Song.

No need to go into all of the facts of the Republicans in charge of everything when the towers were stuck, the sleaze factor of attempting to profit from the tragedy, the probability of a copyrighted photograph being used for the billboard, etc. This is a Florida Republican, just put him on the sex pervert list and get on with reality, except…

You need to be careful when you go to his web site, because his site is www.therepublicansong.com. There is another web site, www.republicansong.com, which had a song with the same name, but definitely different lyrics. The second site is much older and currently blank, but you can’t copyright a song title.

If you try to go to the second site, you might find a lead to someone you know, who is not exactly thrilled by this coincidence.


1 Badtux { 07.16.08 at 3:00 am }

It’s definitely no longer blank. And gosh, there’s a video there now, heh. Why, some lunk put on one of the gimme caps from that big pile on that book-case behind him and made a video of the song, wonder who that coulda been? :-).

– Badtux the Video Penguin

2 mapaghimagsik { 07.16.08 at 4:12 am }

Oh, that’s very funny. We have gone right past silly season into batshit crazy season.

3 Kryten42 { 07.16.08 at 4:32 am }

Oh, that’s very funny. We have gone right past silly season into batshit crazy season.

I couldn’t have said that any better myself! 😉 😀

4 Kryten42 { 07.16.08 at 4:42 am }

BTW BadTux… I enjoyed reading the eMails. 😉

Isn’t it just pathetically sad that the Republican respondents obviously have a very low IQ (not to mention low everything else), whilst the Democrat (or simply the sane) respondents appear to be significantly higher?

So… can anyone explain to me how the, oh so obviously, completely moronic Republicans now control the USA? Just asking…

5 Badtux { 07.16.08 at 11:15 am }

It’s because their leaders are not so moronic, at least not when it comes to applying propaganda mind control methods. Consider the modern-day Republican Party to be a gigantic cult, where new inductees are carefully inculcated with the Party ideology in a cult-like manner that dissuades rational thinking about subjects (“that’s SOCIALIST!” is quick to be used to slap their hands whenever they try to think), and where they live in compounds with no real connections to the outside world. The followers of cult leaders tend to seem somewhat dull, but the cult leaders themselves generally are pretty cunning, in a feral sort of way. Not well educated, by and large, but cunning, in much the same way as a weasel going after a rat.

But do note that creative editing does help too. I didn’t change any actual words, but I did chop most of the emails down to their essential, uhm, Republican essense :-).

6 Sheppy { 07.16.08 at 2:38 pm }

Don’t kid yourself. The Republican leaders are very well educated, usually at the very Ivy League schools that they ridicule. They don’t want their followers to have much education, however. Education leads to reading. Reading leads to thinking. Thinking leads to voting with your brain instead of ideology.

7 janicerees { 07.16.08 at 2:39 pm }

It is obvious the guy paid and had the unsitley sign in Orlando is rich. Hey you “idiot” you are so rich why don’t you help less fortune people. I prove my point only a republican can afford, or would do such an act. Guys he wants to keep all of his money not pay taxes. Oboma would raise his taxes, make over two hundred, fifty thousands you pay more taxes. I am so glad we finally have a great person in the White House. He will not take us into an unjust war.
Oboma for American!

8 Bryan { 07.16.08 at 3:03 pm }

I wasn’t sure if you wanted it out, Badtux, but you blogged about it, and it was tied to the “batshit crazy” local politicos I live among.

Besides, you were winding yourself up to a very nice piece of outrage that deserved to be shared.

I didn’t create links because when I went to see your original site, Firefox had a security fit and when I worked around that I got the placeholder.

I do think you violated the capitalist’s creed by turning down their money. I think you are obligated to take their money and send them your song. It’s not like they were going to be repeat customers.

9 Badtux { 07.16.08 at 4:25 pm }

Sheppy, it depends on your definition of “well educated”. George W. Bush is “well educated” on paper, but cruising through prep school and Ivys on “gentleman’s C’s” is not education. It’s an excuse for partying.

That said, most of the Republican leadership does at least on paper look “well educated”. It obviously didn’t stick, though, since they keep making stupid mistakes that will land them out of power. The problem is that they spend so much time dealing with their brainwashed cultists, that they’ve forgotten how to deal with the rest of the world that isn’t part of their cult….

– Badtux the Cult Penguin