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2008 July 27 — Why Now?
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Today’s Disasters

Typhoon Fung-wong is on track to hit Taiwan and then continue into China. It is currently a category 3 storm.

The latest California fire is near an entrance to Yosemite National Park. So far about 25 square miles have burned.

The Qantas 747 was probably damaged by a defective oxygen bottle.

The Ahmedabad bombing investigation continues in India. There were 17 bombs in an hour killing 45 people and wounding more than 100. The area has a long history of violence between Hindus and Muslims.

Back in the US a Gunman critically wounds 7 in Tennessee church

The man entered Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church and began shooting during a children’s production of the musical “Annie,” said Steve Drevik, a church member who arrived after man’s arrest.

A church member said three congregants tackled and held the shooter until police arrived and took him into custody, according to Knoxville television station WBIR.

Locally the temperature is only 90° but with the humidity at 100% the heat index is around 115°, so no one is doing much other than dripping when they go outside.

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It’s Over

The BBC has the Tour de France final results:

  1. Carlos Sastre of Spain – Yellow [overall]
  2. Cadel Evans of Australia
  3. Bernhard Kohl of Austria
  • Oscar Freire of Spain – Green [sprints]
  • Bernhard Kohl of Austria – Polka Dot [mountains]
  • Andy Schleck of Luxembourg – White [young rider]

The Australian Broadcasting news site is down, server overload no doubt as Cadel Evans comes in second for the second Tour in a row.

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