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Hopping on the AIPAC Express

First it was the odious Kyl-LIEberman Amendment [AKA, S.Amdt. 3017 to S.Amdt. 2011 to H.R. 1585 (National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008)], another excuse for the Hedgemony to go to war. It served no national purpose, but will be cited as an excuse if the crazies in this administration decide to attack Iran. [Note that Clinton voted for it, while, as usual, “not voting” was recorded for Obama.]

Now we have the House getting into the act with House Concurrent Resolution 362.

Iran is not our friend, and certainly has no reason to be, but since before the Declaration of Independence was signed they have never attacked another country. Our best intelligence estimate is that they stopped doing anything associated with nuclear weapons in 2003. The real leader of the country is on record as saying that nuclear weapons are “un-Islamic”, which makes them forbidden.

AIPAC, the Likud, and their supporters need to seriously look at the defensive weaponry of Iran. If there is an attack on Iran, there will be a retaliation. They will close the Strait of Hormuz, which blocks 40% of the world’s oil production, and there is no way of preventing it.

Were I an Israeli, I would like to know what the government that could not stop the Hezbollah and Hamas rockets is going to do about Iranian missiles?

The medium range Iranian Shahab-3 system can strike all of the country of Israel.

In addition to having the range : “These improvements would greatly increase the Shahab-3B’s survivability against ABM systems such as Israel’s Arrow-2 as well as being used for precision attacks against high value targets such as command, control and communications centres.”

And it has Multiple, Independently targetable Reentry Vehicle [MIRV] capability: “Warhead: One (990 Kg) – five cluster warheads in new models (280 Kg) each warhead, each warhead can target different destination.”

Messing around with Iran is going to add at least $10 to the price of a gallon of gasoline, and leave Israel a smoking ruin. Who exactly thinks this is a good idea? When does US foreign policy start emphasizing the interests of Americans?


1 cookie jill { 07.05.08 at 2:08 am }
2 Bryan { 07.05.08 at 11:51 pm }

We need our Guard and its equipment in this country, not halfway around the world.