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Not Again ‽

Perry Bacon Jr. writing for the Washington Post tells us that Obama, McCain Are Both Proposing Dramatic Changes.

Well, “dramatic changes” are needed in a lot of areas in the US government after more than seven years of the Hedgemony. Unfortunately these two whiz kids are talking about changing one of the few government programs that the Shrubbery didn’t manage to break: Social Security.

The forecasts all say there is no problem with the program even on the horizon until 2041, and depending on the economy, there may not be a problem then or ever.

If you look at Medicare on the other hand, that program is in meltdown. Medicare and the deficit are the two biggest financial problems that the next President needs to deal with, and they keep dancing around those topics.

McCain is on a fool’s errand if he thinks anyone wants to put money in a bear market. I know too many people who aren’t retiring as planned because of what the market has been doing lately.

Balance the budget, and a lot of problems go away.