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From the land down under: Brisbane bank blown up in robbery attempt

Heavy-handed thieves have blown up a bank on Brisbane’s northside during an attempted robbery.

Very little remains of the Aspley branch of the Bank of Queensland on Gympie Road after a massive explosion at about 3:00am today.

No-one was injured, but the explosion caused a fire, and the bank’s automatic teller machine was thrown onto the footpath.

Police and bomb squad officers are on the scene.

Let this be a lesson: don’t drink and detonate.


1 Kryten42 { 07.25.08 at 11:15 pm }

Ahhhh yes! Those crazy Queenslanders! 😀

QLD is kinda like our Florida… 😉 Tropical, humid and full of retirees! 😉 LOL

Lot of old dynamite to be found around Nth QLD, was a lot of mining activity over the past hundred or so years, plus lot’s of Military *exercises* etc. 🙂 WA (West Australia) has taken over the mining boom now, but QLD is the place to go if you want explosives. 🙂

And just goes to show, idiots live everywhere! LOL

2 Bryan { 07.26.08 at 12:34 am }

You would have hoped that they had done a practice first.

Amateurs keep mucking things up. It sounds like they used enough to take the top off a mountain. I suppose that’s all they knew how to do.

Leveling the building is a lot of something.