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More Bush League Thinking — Why Now?
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More Bush League Thinking

This will really be a great talking point for the election: GOP Blocks Heating Aid Increase For Poor

(CBS/ AP) Republicans on Saturday blocked the Senate from considering a bill next week that would nearly double federal aid to help the poor pay heating and air-conditioning bills.

Although a dozen Senate Republicans support the measure, most voted with GOP leaders who would rather spend the time trumpeting their call to expand offshore oil drilling before Congress takes six weeks off for vacation and the presidential nominating conventions.

Let’s see, the possibility of more oil a decade in the future is going to offset the reality of old people dying from the heat and cold this year.

The campaign commercials just about write themselves.  The fat cat multinational oil companies raking in record profits who don’t bother drilling for oil in the leases they already own, verses the elderly freezing to death from the high utility bills.

Of course the utility companies are going to be more than a little annoyed, as they are really the prime beneficiaries of these programs.


1 Moi { 07.27.08 at 10:30 pm }

So THAT’s the new strategy. KILL them all!!! Then there won’t be a middle class, OR poor people…..

::::::::::::Beating head against wall::::::::::::::

2 Bryan { 07.27.08 at 10:56 pm }

It is such an incredibly stupid thing to do. The utility companies are the real beneficiaries of this program as they get paid, and it provides good PR. You have to be brain-dead not to see it.

It used to be only for heating and now it covers air conditioning, so you know the utility companies “helped” to write the bill.

Hopefully, the reduced campaign contributions from power companies will show them the error of their ways.