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There’s Trouble In The Tubes

Update: OK, skippy the bush kangaroo can get snarky, and the Guys From Area 51 can be downright weird, but Elayne’s Journal

Segments of blogtopia are Bloggered, or, more accurately, blocked from posting including the marsupial master of minuscule who coined the word.

Corrente has the list of those who have reported in as blocked for spamming.

It isn’t clear whether this is a Google fault, some cretin tagging people as spammers, or possibly the result of the new ‘Net attack redirecting people, which is very possible if Blogger uses the AT&T backbone out of the Bay Area, which still isn’t patched.

I would note that WordPress.com doesn’t seem to have these problems, but they aren’t as large, and if everyone shifted who knows how it would scale to the demand. This is one of the reasons I have my own site, for my hobby. I have enough frustration that $3/month is not a lot to avoid any more.


1 The CultureGhost { 08.01.08 at 11:44 am }

The group blog I work with, “The Guys From Area 51”, has been declared “spam” and we no longer have access to it….

2 Bryan { 08.01.08 at 12:16 pm }

Yeah, Frederick posted over at Blue Gal who is running a list. I checked and Blogger Status says everything is working, so Google is doing this.

It’s an eclectic group that is blocked, I would like to run some searches looking for a pattern.

3 cookie jill { 08.01.08 at 12:40 pm }

It sucks.

4 Bryan { 08.01.08 at 12:41 pm }

It’s Blogger.

5 Frederick { 08.01.08 at 2:42 pm }

That’s why I left Blogger in the first place, but the group blog is fun. Thanks for putting the word out.

6 Bryan { 08.01.08 at 3:51 pm }

It is a major screw-up. Ellroon reports that they’ve tagged Plush Life, a blog about the radical Maine coon cat pictures. They are a joke.

7 cookie jill { 08.01.08 at 5:44 pm }

You can never be too careful with those “radical” Maine coons, ya know!

8 Bryan { 08.01.08 at 8:14 pm }

True, they might aggressively shed on you.