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2008 August 24 — Why Now?
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I Wasn’t Alone

Not only did Pensacola Beach Blog cover Tropical Storm Fay, he took the trouble to find a clip from Florida’s semi-official hurricane movie: Key Largo.

Bogart, Bacall, Edward G. Robinson, Lionel Barrymore, and Claire Trevor in a Richard Brooks screenplay based on a Maxwell Anderson stage play directed by John Huston – the background for a hurricane ravaging the Keys. What’s not to like?

August 24, 2008   4 Comments

A Song For The McCain Campaign

You may have heard that the McCain campaign keeps getting sued for using music belonging to people who either, don’t want to be involved with politics at all, or don’t like McCain’s politics.

Well, Roger Ailes noted that there is someone who shares McCain’s experience of being a prisoner in Vietnam, and I remembered he also has a well-known piece of music.  Maybe Rush Limbaugh could work something out [not that I’m implying anything].

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Well, That Was Annoying

After nine days stuck inside of the Carly Simon song, Anticipation, I checked the official records for my location from yesterday:

Highest sustained wind: 23 mph.

Highest wind gust: 32 mph.

Total precipitation: .28 inches.

That is barely a decent thunderstorm, like the 16th with a 36 mph wind gust, over 25 mph sustained, and 1.36 inches of rain. We have been averaging .12 inches of rain/day this month.

Fay was a big disappointment.  At 10 PM last night it just quit; it didn’t fade, it stopped. Weird to the end.

August 24, 2008   5 Comments

Creative Cartography II

map of Central Asia

This an example of both Imperial Russian and Soviet mapping decisions.

That corridor of Afghanistan that goes to China was a 19th century decision to separate Imperial Russia from British India, a “demilitarized zone” that prevented “locational errors” from forcing open warfare between two great powers, while they fought the “Great Game” with surrogates. All it really meant is that there were no “official armies” participating in the almost constant warfare in the area. This is the area that Rudyard Kipling was always using as a backdrop for his pieces set in India.

[

August 24, 2008   8 Comments