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2008 August 27 — Why Now?
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Tomorrow is the third anniversary of Katrina coming ashore at Waveland, Mississippi, which was followed the next day by the catastrophic failure of the levees in New Orleans, and the loss of thousands of lives.

With Gustav trying to get its act together in the Caribbean the Gulf Coast is reacting. This is good because everyone now realizes that the Federal government under the Hedgemony is totally worthless when it comes to disasters.

On this anniversary Scout at First Draft notes: “We don’t need a reminder, we just need to fucking Remember.”

[I realize that’s shrill, but dealing with mildew encrusted sheetrock does that to you.]

I would note that in addition to the anniversary of the flooding in New Orleans, Friday is also McCain’s 72nd birthday, which is relevant only because the President of the United States decided to eat Senator McCain’s birthday cake in Arizona, rather than doing anything about the hundreds who were drowning in a major city.

August 27, 2008   2 Comments

Very Foreign Policy Advice

I was listening to NPR in the car and they were wandering around asking delegates strange questions. One of the most amazing responses was on people that they thought Obama should use in on his national security team. An individual actually said Colin Powell and…Condoleezza Rice‽

The reasoning was that they were there when the mistakes were made, so they could help unmake them, and reaching out to Republicans was what Obama was really about.

A major mistake was allowing Ms. Rice into government, because she was a rather spectacular failure at two major national security positions. Like her boss, she is unlikely to believe any mistakes were made.

While the individual was identified in the piece I won’t provide that information. The individual sounded young enough to have decades left in which to regret it. Only cruel people will listen to today’s All Things Considered stream to acquire that information.

I will however link to the McCarthy problem. It would have been better to have confused Gene McCarthy with Charlie, rather than Joe.

August 27, 2008   5 Comments