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2008 August 09 — Why Now?
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The Horse Is Gone!

So now they think they might want to study the concept of barn doors: Army reviews security at anthrax lab

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army has created a team of medical and other military experts to review security measures at the research laboratory where the scientist linked to the anthrax mailings worked.

Army Secretary Pete Geren has asked at least a dozen military and civilian officials to scrutinize safety procedures, quality controls and other policies and practices at the biodefense lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, Army spokesman Paul Boyce said Friday.

To date, the Army has offered no explanation for how its biosecurity system, which is set up to catch mentally troubled workers, failed to flag scientist Bruce Ivins for years. Ivins, the microbiologist accused of sending anthrax-laced letters in 2001 that killed five people, committed suicide last week as the FBI began closing in on him.

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August 9, 2008   4 Comments

News I Can’t Use

Apparently the latest installment of Olympics, Inc. has begun.  I can’t get excited as I never got into professional sports with the uniforms covered in logos.

Any resemblance to the 1936 Nazi extravaganza is purely genetic, the Chinese hired Albert Speer Jr. to oversee their production.  Monumental architecture and nationalism never seemed to me to be a convincing stage for “friendly competition”.

John Edwards is in trouble because he had an affair a couple of years ago and the only person he admitted it to was his wife.  I fail to see why this is any of my business.  He isn’t a government licensed marriage counselor the last time I looked, and a private partnership agreement, like marriage, isn’t any of my concern.

The media say he lied about it.  I wonder, if after 7½ years of the lies of the Hedgemony, the media would believe that anyone bothers to tell them the truth. They lied about Edwards in 2004 and when he was running for the Democratic nomination, so why should they expect he owed them the truth.

I don’t remember the media making a big deal out of Reagan being the first divorced President, or the escapades of John McCain, so why is this considered news?

August 9, 2008   2 Comments

Related Recall of Meat

Even later on Friday night, the Whole Foods supplier decides to recall: Nebraska Beef recalls 1.2 million pounds of beef

OMAHA, Neb. – Nebraska Beef Ltd. is recalling 1.2 million pounds of beef because the products may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria.

The recall comes a month after the Omaha-based company recalled 5.3 million pounds of meat that has been linked to at least 49 cases of E. coli.

Neither the company’s spokesman nor Department of Agriculture officials immediately responded to calls about the recall after a news release was issued late Friday night.

The second month in a row should indicate that Nebraska Beef has a major problem they are not fixing.

August 9, 2008   6 Comments