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2008 August 13 — Why Now?
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Florida Primary

On Monday early voting began for Florida’s August 26th primary.

During this period Florida counties are using the new “Ballot on Demand” system to print the required ballot for an individual vote. In Okaloosa County alone there are 137 different ballots required in this primary, so, if it works as advertised, this should eliminate waste and confusion.

Our long-time and much appreciated Supervisor of Elections, Pat Hollran, is overseeing her last election, as she is retiring at the end of the year. Unfortunately she was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident on Tuesday morning during a thunderstorm. She is in stable condition in the hospital and I’m pulling for her full recovery so she can enjoy her retirement.

Sinfonian wrote about More trouble with voting in Palm Beach County, which was apparently tied to the state’s voters data base. The state claims the problem was caused by Walton County and a glitch in their system. I don’t know, but Walton County, just East of me, only has about 35K voters who are two-thirds Republicans, so I would think that the state could just give them a call and make them correct the problem that is inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of other people through out the state.

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August 13, 2008   4 Comments

A Puzzlement

It has been widely reported that two-thirds of corporations have paid no corporation income taxes since 1998.  This is based on a GAO study requested by Senate Dorgan.

Given that, what was the point of cutting the coporate tax rate in 2001?  What difference could any rate change make if two-third of corporations were paying no taxes?

August 13, 2008   4 Comments