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Sitemeter Fixed

Sitemeter has an announcement on their blog that they have worked around the weird, non-standard behavior of IE6 & IE7.

I didn’t have the problem because I put the Sitemeter code in a neutral place on my template, as opposed to the places that freaked out the garbage browser from MS.

The real solution is to get a browser that conforms to the standards that everyone else uses and doesn’t screw up peoples’ designs.

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1 Steve Bates { 08.03.08 at 2:05 am }

I am extremely sympathetic to the developers at Sitemeter. No matter which browser one is running a script under, finding a specific element under the document object, when the elements were generated on-the-fly and may not have unique id’s, is a royal PITA, and I consider it a design flaw in the DOM. (Unfortunately, they didn’t ask me. 🙂 ) That may or may not be the specific problem Sitemeter was facing; I didn’t look. But it may have been something of that nature. You are correct that a good standard, reliably adhered to by all platforms, would help a lot.